Vista Labels provide a comprehensive range of LabelSafe™ colour-coded peelable and dissolvable labels, as well as label-dispensing racks.

Our easy-peel and dissolvable range of labels covers all areas of the HACCP food labelling and safe working practices requirements employed in HORECA today.

The dissolvable label range easily and totally dissolves at any water temperature, whether by hand washing, dishwasher, or industrial warewashing systems.

All labels have a working temperature range of between -40°C and 80°C.

Each individual roll is packed in a single-use, recyclable rPET dispenser. This ensures that each and every label is dispensed in a clean and safe environment. Additionally, the container prevents wastage resulting from label roll-out.

Below are just a few examples from the LabelSafe™ range of food safety and rotational labels.

Dissolvable Labels

Form Labels

Easy Peelable Labels

Allergy Information Labels

The complete range of LabelSafe™ labels and dispensing racks are available via direct order from Vista Labels. We’d be pleased to hear about your HORECA labeling requirements — don’t hesitate to contact us now!